Armenian citizens participate in EuroDIG through remote Hubs

June 25, 2013. Armenian citizens participated in the EuroDIG Forum in Lisbon on June 20 and 21 through several hubs organised in Yerevan.

The hubs were supported by the Council of Europe Office in Yerevan, Media Education Center, ISOC Armenia, Union of Information Technology Enterprises and iDITORD. The work of the Armenian Hubs enabled not only the remote participation in the Forum, but also served as a prerequisite to establish the Armenian Internet Governance Forum.

On June 20 young people gathered at the Internet Society of Armenia Office to participate remotely in the Plenaries on  'How to serve the public interest?,  'How to Govern Cyberspace, keeping the Internet safe, free and open?  Children raised lots of questions, which were sent to the EuroDIG organizers.  Do you think it is possible to have simultaneously safe and open Internet, asked youngsters? How the most vulnerable children should be protected, and who should protect them?  Young participants of the Hub also discussed the idea of multi-stakeholderism and asked: who should state the rules for the Internet: civil society, business or the government?

Participants of the Hub received the Armenian Edition of the Internet Governance Book of Diplo Foundation, produced by Media Education Center with support from the Internet Society of Armenia. Children expressed interest and readiness to continue discussions.

ISOC Board members, after following remotely the Workshop 3 'What can be a common European model on Network Neutrality', discussed the draft paper on 'Internet Governance Principles Adoption', which is circulated among the civil society groups advocating Internet users interests and businesses working in the Internet and IT industry. 


Two thematic hubs have been organized on June 21: at the Council of Europe Office in Yerevan and at Digitec International Forum. Media experts and NonGovernmental Organizations, working with issue of hate speech, xenophobia, national minorities and a member of the Public Council of Armenia gathered at the Council of Europe Office in Yerevan to participate in the workshop 8 on the cross-border hate speech and defamation.  Concurrently to the workshop participants held a disscussion related to problems of xenophobic content,  definition of hate speech, the additional Protocol to Budapest Convention on Cyber Crime. They asked, in particular, how social networks such as Youtube, deal with hatespeechwritten in very specific local languages.

The third hub held at the Digitec International Forum by the Union of Information Technology Enterprices participated in the Plenary 6 dedicated to the topics of ' Who makes money with content? Who should pay for content?' The Hub gathered participants of the Digitec International Forum and a number of Internet Service Providers. They discussed the issue of how hosting providers can promote the development of local content.

The Hubs provided an excellent opportunity to raise the awareness about the EuroDIG, and to facilitate the participation of the Armenian key stakeholders in the regional European Internet governance debate.   The participants of the HUBs expressed readiness to establish a National Internet Governance Forum in Armenia in the short run.

Armenia at EuroDIG 2013,

Message to EuroDIG on Hate Speech,

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