Armenian Citizens Participate in EuroDIG in Berlin

June 11 - 13, 2014. Three thematic Hubs to follow EuroDIG - European Dialog on Internet Governance Forum in Berlin, have been organised in Yerevan, Armenia by Media Education Center with support of the Council of Europe Office in Yerevan, ISOC Armenia, Eurasia Partnership Foundation and Yerevan State University. Topics related to hate speech and its consequences for human rights online, media literacy and child protection, network neutrality and local content, data protection and, security have been discussed by about 60 participants of the thematic hubs. The Thematic Hub 'Hate Speech and On-line Defamation and Consequences for Human Rights On-line' have distinguished by the diversity of participating civil society organisations and groups. No Hate Speech Movement, Women’s Resource Centre, Safer Internet Armenia, Media Education Center, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, iDITORD, ISOC Armenia, Xenophobia Prevention Initiative. The Hub Org Team, Naira Avetisyan, Haykaz Baghyan and Izabella Sargsyan have held three preparatory meetings in May to shape the agenda of the Remote Hub, during which topics of political hate speech, religion-based hate speech, hate speech arising from misinterpretation and cultural differences have been discussed and identified as topical and timely.

On June 12 the Hub participants held pre-meeting and discussed the problems of on-going on-line and off-line propaganda wars and mechanisms of prevention of on-line cross-border hate speech, international community involvement in local conflicts and reinforcement of international human rights instruments against gender based violence, universal definition of hate speech and hate-speech against women challenging local cultural norms. The importance of updated media literacy programs have been emphasized. Questions have been sent to the EuroDIG Workshop 8. The Hub was moderated by Samvel Martirosyan. See pictures from June 13...

Two other hubs have been co-organised at the Yerevan State University and ISOC Armenia Office.

Armenian experts Narine Khachatryan, Safer Internet Armenia Coordinator, and Arman Atoyan, X-Tech Founder have been panelists at the workshops in Berlin: 'Intelligent Risk Management for Children and Youth in the Digital Age' and 'Cloud and Big Data: Delivering on the Promise while Safeguarding the Privacy'.

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