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Safety Rules in Social Networks

Saferinternet- Armenia


Our mission is to empower citizens to use the Internet and other information and communication technologies, safely and creatively. Our aim is to educate children and parents, youths and teachers how to avoid risks while using the Internet and how to use new technologies effectively and positively.

We work towards a wider Safer Internet Armenia project in cooperation with Internet Society of Armenia, IT and Women non-governmental organizations, Noyan Tapan Media Holding, public authorities, industry partners. We cooperate with the European Network of Awareness Centres.

Our activities within a year:

We carried out information campaigns,

Disseminated teaching materials and other resources about safe and responsible use of the Internet,

Organized workshops for school teachers, parents and children.

Produced web resource with links to and a collection of teaching materials on e-safety and social networking, teachers’ leaflet.

Organized news conferences and other media events,

Announced competitions and encouraged children to prepare their own electronic materials.







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