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Safety Rules in Social Networks

“Safer Usage of On-line Technologies and More Responsible Behaviour in Social Networks”

February 10, 2009, Yerevan, Mkhitar Sebastatsy Educational Complex

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Workshop Agenda:

13:00 – “Introduction. 6th edition of celebrating the Safer Internet Day. Facts and Data.” Narine Khachatryan, deputy director, Media Education Center, National Contact of the Safer Internet Day

13. 05 - "Safer Usage of On-line Technologies and Mobile Phones", Ashot Bleyan, Director, Mkhitar Sebastasy Educational Complex

13:10 - “Tools of Microsoft helping to insure safer usage of on-line technologies”, Grigor Barseghyan, Country Director of Microsoft-Armenia

13:25 - Risks related to viruses, spam, spy-ware. Classification of content filters and usage of labels” Kristine Gyonjyan, Progress in Learning Program Manager, Microsoft- Armenia

13:45 – “Social Networking, Blogs, eCommerce and Internet literacy” Narine Khachatryan, Media Education Center

14:00 - Presentation of the electronic material “Educational Sailing in the World Wide Web”, created by students of the Mkhitar Sebastatsy Educational Complex, Lusine Bush, Mkhitar Sebastasy EC

14:15 - Presentation “10 Tips to children”, Yura Gyanjalyan, Armenian State Linguistic University, Mkhitar Sebastasy Educational Complex

14:25 – “Experience of the Mkhitar Sebastatsy in dealing with social networks and ensuring more responsible usage of Internet”, Lusine Petrosyan, Mkhitar Sebastasy Educational Complex, IT teacher
14:30 – Discussion and conclusions , moderated by Haykaz Baghyan, Director, Media Education Center

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